Over Stratton Folk Dance Club, South Somerset

Christmas Party
Will be held in our usual venue at Over Stratton. Starting earlier at 19:30. Bring and share supper.

Summer Party
At Over Stratton. Starting earlier at 19:30. Bring and share supper.

Wednesday evening dance nights £ 4.50 including tea and biscuits.


Dances Calendar.
17 Jul 2019Summer PartyRuth ThompsonJigs for Gigs
11 Sep 2019Over Stratton Village HallDavid DaceyChris Toyne
25 Sep 2019Over Stratton Village HallPeter BoltonEileen and Mike
28 Sep 2019Ceilidh, Tintinhull Village HallJane ThomasJigs for Gigs
09 Oct 2019Over Stratton Village HallMark MoranPair of Shears
23 Oct 2019Over Stratton Village HallJane ThomasIain and Margaret Bryden
06 Nov 2019Over Stratton Village HallMary BlackborowRobert Blackborow
20 Nov 2019Over Stratton Village HallSimon MaplesdonIain and Margaret Bryden
04 Dec 2019Over Stratton Village HallChris HollidayRobert Blackborow
18 Dec 2019Christmas PartyBrian HeatonJeroka
15 Jan 2020Over Stratton Village HallMonty CrookPair of Shears
29 Jan 2020Over Stratton Village HallPeter BoltonJeroka
12 Feb 2020Over Stratton Village HallRuth ThompsonIain and Margaret Bryden
26 Feb 2020Over Stratton Village HallAli HighfieldEileen and Mike
11 Mar 2020Over Stratton Village HallSimon MaplesdonChris Toyne
25 Mar 2020Over Stratton (AGM)Chris HollidayIain and Margaret Bryden
08 Apr 2020Over Stratton Village HallClub CallersChris Toyne
22 Apr 2020Over Stratton Village HallJane ThomasJeroka
25 Apr 2020Ceilidh, Tintinhull Village HallSimon MaplesdonJigs for Gigs
06 May 2020Over Stratton Village HallMark MoranIain and Margaret Bryden
20 May 2020Over Stratton Village HallMonty CrookRobert Blackborow
03 Jun 2020Over Stratton Village HallSimon MaplesdonChris Toyne
17 Jun 2020Over Stratton Village HallRuth ThompsonEileen and Mike
01 Jul 2020Over Stratton Village HallLesley StansfieldJeroka
15 Jul 2020Summer PartyDavid DaceyIain and Margaret Bryden

Resume on 9 Sep 2020

Normal meetings at the Club Hall run from 20:00 to 22:00.
Parties have different times as advertised.


Over Stratton Folk Dance Club



Jigs for Gigs

Jane Thomas calling
Saturday 28 Sept 2019

at Tintinhull Village Hall
7:30 - 11:00 pm

Simon Maplesden calling
Saturday 25 April 2020

at Tintinhull Village Hall
7:30 - 11:00 pm

Bring and share supper for both ceilidhs
£ 7.50 in Advance
£ 8.00 on the door

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